Welcome to ProActivAge: For the last 20 years my purpose has been to work proactively and collaboratively with senior-focused organizations and healthcare providers to clarify and develop wellness and communication solutions that enable older adults to discover their “better tomorrows”.

Dr. Wayne Phillips


Clarity-Based Consulting

Our consulting philosophy is that Clarity of Thought Leads to Clarity of Action.  Using this paradigm as the foundation of our approach, we have enabled organizations to create and achieve dynamic, action-oriented goals that produce meaningful health, wellness and lifestyle outcomes, increased communication, improved quality assurance and a greater Return On their Wellness Investment.

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Positive Lifestyle Change

Our approach to Positive Lifestyle Change involves working with either of two powerful and proven methodologies: Intrinsic Coaching®, and the renowned Stanford Healthy Lifestyle Program. We also incorporate elements from other influential approaches to lifestyle change, such as Appreciative Inquiry, Positive Psychology and Motivational Interviewing. We elicit meaningful and lasting lifestyle changes that benefit participants in ways they do not at first anticipate or imagine!

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Keynote Speaking and Workshops

Dr. Phillips is a highly sought-after presenter, known for his humorous and provocative speaking style that elicits ‘new thinking’ from audiences about strength, wellness, communication and active lifestyle issues for older adults.

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Life 2.0: The Thinking Behind Choices

Every action we take in life is the result of a choice of some kind, whether conscious or unconscious: but what is it that underpins - or undermines - a person's capacity to take action to change something in their life? Something that they say they want to change – but often also say they have repeatedly tried and ‘failed’ to change. In other words, that what they chose to do was unsuccessful.

The reason - almost always - for this 'failure' is because of the way we think about what we want to change. There is a better way. More Soon....

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