Consulting Services

Wellness Programs for Senior Healthcare Providers

We work with senior-focused healthcare providers to successfully clarify and develop their health and wellness approaches for both staff and patients. Our services have improved independence, physical function and quality of life for patients, improved patient-staff and staff-staff communication, and increased patient satisfaction.

Wellness Cultures for Senior Living Facilities

We have advised and guided a number of senior living facilities in setting up evidence-based approaches to wellness that have improved the independence and quality of life of residents.

Effective Communication Strategies

At the heart of every successful organization is a philosophy that values, promotes and implements effective communication strategies. Our collaborative approaches have improved communication at all levels of interaction between staff, patient, member or resident.

Research Measurement and Analysis Systems

We will collaboratively set in place ‘research-based’ and ‘evidence-based’ measurement and analysis systems tailored to best demonstrate the effectiveness of the services and products you provide.

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Positive Lifestyle Change

Everyone can make a positive lifestyle change for their "Second Fifty Years" – changes that lead to active, healthy living – if, and only if - they are ready to contemplate the essential (and often ignored) first step. To think differently. We elict different thinking

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Keynote Speaking and Workshops

Dr. Phillips is a highly sought-after presenter known for his humorous and provocative speaking style that elicits ‘new thinking’ from audiences about wellness, communication and active lifestyle issues for older adults

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