Dr. Phillips is an internationally known consultant, researcher, author, and speaker in the field of active, healthy aging. Over a career spanning more than 30 years, both in the US and the UK, he has worked with a range of organizations including disease management companies, senior healthcare providers, and senior residential facilities, on ‘Best Practice’ behavioral approaches to strength,  wellness and active lifestyles for older adults. He holds an MS in Exercise Science and Physical Education from Loughborough University, UK, a Ph.D. in Exercise and Wellness from Arizona  State University, AZ and is a former Post-Doctoral Fellow and Research Scientist at Stanford University School of Medicine, Center for Research in Disease Prevention. He is Professor  Emeritus in the Department of Exercise and Wellness at Arizona State University, a Fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine, and a former scientific advisory board member for  the International Council on Active Aging. Dr. Phillips also serves on the expert panel of a number of service provider organizations for older adults and is an “Expert Curator” for Organized Wisdom - one of  the largest health based search engines on the web.

For the last 2 decades Dr. Phillips has continued to develop his work on discovering accessible and lasting pathways to active, healthy living for seniors. In pursuit of this purpose he has worked proactively and collaboratively with senior-focused organizations and healthcare providers to develop wellness and communication solutions that enable older adults to discover for themselves their “better tomorrows”. As well as his extensive teaching and research experience Dr. Phillips is an advanced level Intrinsic Coach®, and facilitates the renowned Stanford Healthy Lifestyle Program. He also administers and implements the DISC Behavioral Styles Analysis System, a unique and highly effective methodology for improving wellness-related communication.

Dr. Phillips is known for his humorous and provocative speaking style, eliciting 'new thinking' from audiences about wellness and active lifestyle issues. He has presented on more than 200 occasions, both nationally and internationally, on a wide range of health and wellness topics for older adults and has published close to 100 studies in these areas.

In addition to founding ProActivAge, Dr. Phillips is also a Founding Partner of The STRIVE Wellness Corporation (www.strivealive.com), a company whose mission is to improve the functional independence and quality of life of older adults.


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