Intrinsic Coaching®

Intrinsic Coaching® is a powerful methodology, and a powerful “asset-based” approach of thinking positively about lifestyle change that enables people to determine what is important to them when setting goals. The overarching philosophy of Intrinsic Coaching® is that people are their own change agents in their own lives and that they, themselves have their own intrinsically derived, unique answers to achieving such changes. This is diametrically opposed to the current Fitness/Wellness or Disease Management model, which is predominantly based on a “deficit approach”. This, in essence, tells people what is ‘wrong’ with them, or what they are doing ‘wrong’ (too fat, too inactive, too high cholesterol, too much of the wrong foods etc). It often also tells them the ‘bad’ things that will happen to them if they continue to do things wrong, and then tells them what they ‘need’ to do or what they ‘should’ do to ‘put them right’.

In contrast to this, decades of research has overwhelmingly demonstrated that simply providing people with information, however accurate, and telling people what to do, however clearly and diplomatically, is not a good method of changing health behaviors. Yet this is still the standard approach across the whole field of wellness not only for one-on-one interactions, but also for organizations seeking long-term improvements in the wellness status of their members, residents, staff or employees.

Intrinsic Coaching® offers a new way of thinking about these postitive lifestyle changes. It is driven by a new philosophy based on

  • An “asset approach” to individuals and groups
  • A well established science of thinking and values

We utilize the Intrinsic Coaching® approach to elicit long-term, meaningful changes in workstyle and lifestyle both inside and outside the confines of organizations.

Our Intrinsic Coaching® Clients have included

  • Lisa Eliot Web Design
  • Innovative Health Solutions

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The Stanford Healthy Lifestyle Program: Building a Foundation

Albert Einstein said, "You cannot change a situation with the same kind of thinking that produced it." We take this central axiom and weave into it a Positive Lifestyle approach based on the renowned Stanford Healthy Lifestyle Program (SHLP). We also include elements from other powerful and well accepted methods of lifestyle change, such as Appreciative Inquiry, Positive Psychology, Motivational Interviewing and, particularly, Intrinsic Coaching®. Our SHLP elicits 'new thinking', producing meaningful and lasting lifestyle changes that benefit participants in ways they do not at first anticipate or imagine!

Our SHLP clients have included-

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