Lifestyle/Coaching-Based Presentations

(“Dr. Phillips) … was inspirational – his presentation challenged us to rethink our approach to exercise, aging and getting active.”

"His values-based coaching questions allowed the audience to participate in the presentation and took it beyond just sitting and listening."

"His hi-energy, entertaining and always thought-provoking approach challenged the audience to ‘think differently’ about their path to greater physical activity."

"Dr. Phillips challenges conventional thinking on exercise, aging and healthy behavior change."

"His asset-based and intrinsic thinking approach elicits ‘new thinking’ from the audience and provides an opportunity for clarity and continued growth long after the presentation."

"He is not just a ‘motivator’ but someone who provokes a different kind of thinking about aging and healthy lifestyles, whether it is getting more active, losing weight or reducing stress."

"I liked his questions that asked ‘what is important about …???’ and ‘what do I want?’ It made a lot of sense to me."

Senior Care Presentations

“Great benefit if medical practice would collaborate with someone like this speaker”


“Dynamic Humorous speaker”

“Very energetic and interesting”

“Very informative. Useful information in improving fitness centers (in Retirement Communities) and ideas on how to gain interest from residents to get involved in strength training”

“Great Speaker! Great Content! This was wonderful. Thank you!”

"Thanks for your enthusiasm. The clinical evidence is strong and speaks for itself. The point was well made”

Independant Living/Assisted Living Presentations

Excellent speaker!

Liked the “why”…

Knowledge plus tools on how to use it equals awesome. Thank you!

Great presentation! Good info.


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