Feb 19,

Little by Little

When I was in my earliest years as a University professor I remember my proud mother asking what exactly it was that I did as 'Dr. Phillips'. I said something like "I do a lot of research to find out what the benefits of exercise are for older people". She replied "Why do you need to do that? Everybody knows that exercise is good for you - especially if you are older". My whole carefully planned research agenda crushed by a loving parent in two short sentences!!

Like my mother you've...

Feb 8,

Well, Well, Well,

In recent years building 'Wellness Cultures' in Senior communities has received much attention, and the benefits of adopting what has come to be known as a 'wellness lifestyle' has been confirmed and reconfirmed from a wide variety of 'evidence-based' research. There can be little doubt that for senior residential and retirement communities wellness cultures, appropriately designed and developed, can elicit a whole range of lifestyle, health and even economic benefits for the facility, the...

Feb 4,

Getting Wellness down Pat

A few weeks ago I was a guest on the Pat McMahon Show, AZTV 7, Cable 13. It was a lot of fun - Pat is a great guy with a sense of humor and a talent for relating to people of all kinds. I was there to talk about ActiveRx a company that does excellent work with older adults - pro-actively working with them to optimize physical and wellness function. During part of our interview Pat asked some general questions about wellness and though I was happy to answer them as best I could in the time we...

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