Taking the road less travelled

I was thinking about quality of life the other day – what it is and what it means for residents, directors and managers of Senior Housing communities. My guess is that the goal of every Senior Housing director and manager is to enhance and improve the quality of life of their residents – but while they all might agree with that goal – there may not be such agreement on what Quality of Life actually is – or how to achieve it in their facility.

Well, Well, Well,

In recent years building 'Wellness Cultures' in Senior communities has received much attention, and the benefits of adopting what has come to be known as a 'wellness lifestyle' has been confirmed and reconfirmed from a wide variety of 'evidence-based' research. There can be little doubt that for senior residential and retirement communities wellness cultures, appropriately designed and developed, can elicit a whole range of lifestyle, health and even economic benefits for the facility, the facility residents and the facility staff.

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